iMars™ BT-005 12M Car Bluetooth Receiver Media Button Series Remote Control Smartphone Audio Video

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iMars™ BT-005 12M Car Bluetooth Media Button Series Remote Control Smartphone Audio Video Support IOS Bluetooth 3.0 Android OS 4.0Description:The Bluetooth Media Button Puts media acontrol at your fingertips with a singgle press of a button.Attach thebutton to your steering wheel or dashboard to safely and conveniently to control multi-media functions evenwhen your smartphone is out of reach.Playpause,forwardbacktrack,and adjust volume even while your phone is in your pocket,purse,plugged intothe wall or elsewhiere up to 40 feet away.
IOS apple devices supporing Bluetooth 3.0 and later.
Android devices OS 4.0 or later, Up to 7.0.
Pairing Between Bluetooth Media Button and your Smart Device
1.Make sure Bluetooth is "on" on your samrt phone.
2.Press and hold the "Pairing" until the LED is blue and blinking
3.Check for "BT-005" on the list of deteced devices.
4.Select "BT-005" and wait for the pop up menu.
5.Tap the "pair" button on the pop up menu.
Package Included:
1 X iMars™ Bluetooth Media Button 1 X Button Munt
1 X Key-chain 1 X Sticker
1 X Battery  
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