Car Bluetooth Fm Transimittervs Hands Free Kit LCD USB Car Charger For Iphone Samsung

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Feature:1. High-fidelity stereo, using DIGITAL, PLL PLL.2. LED display frequency, channel selection is more convenient.3. Bluetooth answer Call/ end / reject call / previous / next song / Pause / Play and other functions for smart digital devices.4. Support from 88.1 ~ 107.9MHz all-frequency emissions, as each FM 0.1MHz, more precisely locate the desired frequency.5. Automatic power-off memory function, can store the currently playing frequency.Specification:
Item Type FM Transmitter
Model Name Car FM Transmitter
Item Size FM Transmitter MP3 Player
Voltage 12V
Out Power 5W
Special Features                Bluetooth FM Transmitter
Material Type Plastic
Item Weight 100
Type 1 FM Modulator
Type 2 Bluetooth Handsfree In The Car               
Type 3 FM MP3
Type 4 FM MP3 Player
Type 5 Bluetooth Car Kit
Type 6 FM Modulator Car
Type 7 Wireless FM Transmitter

User Manual:Step 1: Insert the car charger into the car cigarette lighter, power indicator light (blue light screen display red light).Step 2: Adjust car FM radio frequency and the device with same frequency.Step 3: Remove the base gum ,paste anywhere in the car (recommend the place next the stall, easy to operate!).Step 3: connect Bluetooth mobile phone and Bluetooth products ,click "Play" on the phone can enjoy music on the car radio. (Bluetooth is not connected flashing blue light, Bluetooth pairing is successful long bright blue light).1. The product can rotate around a long time to adjust the phone volume control.2. Press the multifunction knob to pause or play.3. Previous song: the multifunction button Rotate left.4. The next song: multifunction button Rotate right.Call answer / end / reject1. When there is an incoming call, press the multifunction knob key to answer the call.2. When the call ends, press the multifunction knob key to end the call, a recovery operation.3. The call reject by rotation around (in either direction) multifunctional knob.

Package Included:1 X Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter