Bluetooth 2 in 1 Receiver and Transmitter 3.5MM AUX Bluetooth Adapter for Phone Car Audio Speaker

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The 2-In-1 Bluetooth Adapter is a versatile gadget that can be used to either transmit or receive music wirelessly. 
Receiver: wirelessly connect to speakers, headphones and more. 
At a simple 3.5mm-connection to your non-Bluetooth speakers or headphones, you can stream music wirelesslyfrom your host devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) as if by magic. Enhanced tunes at your fingertips - enjoythem in a fresh new way. 
Transmitter: wirelessly connect to media players, e-readers and more.
With a simple 3.5mm audio connection, give your media players (MP3, CD / DVD players, car audio systems, TVs),and e-readers Bluetooth connectivity. Stream music from the music players, and audio-books from your Kindle Fire,to your Bluetooth-enabled speaker - all in a convenient, wireless way.
1. RX Mode
2. TX Mode 
3. Micro USB charging ports
4. Mufti-function keys: Power on/off, Bluetooth connect/disconnect
5. Indicator light: Blue,Green,White,Red
How to use: 
1. CHARGING: Please fully charge the Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver. 
2. CHOOSE MODE(TX/RX): Plug 3.5mm audio cable to the TX transmitter or RX receiver audio-out jack
3. PAIR MODE: Long press the Power key 4 seconds directly into the search state, in the meantime red/blue lights are flashing alternately.
Select "BM8" and connect/pair.
When connect one device successfully, the green light is on and flashing once after 3 seconds; When connect withtwo devices successfully, the green and white lights both turnon and flash once after 3 seconds
4. PAIR: Pair with Bluetooth device. 
5. USE: Enjoy your music. 
Bluetooth Disconnection
If the transmitter or receiver has been connected with two Bluetooth devices, short press the Power button todisconnect and enter to the search state. In the meantime, the red/blue lights are flashing alternately, and readyto connect with other devices.
Press Power button 2 seconds to re-connect previous one/two paired devices.
Short press Power button when device turn on to re-connect previous one/two paired devices.
Power off
Press Power button 2 seconds to power off.
It will power off after Bluetooth disconnection 5 minutes.
TX mode: When the Bluetooth Searching time over 20 seconds, it will enter the Standby state.
RX mode:when the Bluetooth Searching time over 120 seconds, it will enter the Standby state.
Low power
When the working power supply is not enough, the red light flashes 3 times every 2 minutes to remind usercharge it; If power is too low, the 2-In-1 Bluetooth Adapter will automatically shut down.
Charging methods:
A. Use the micro USB cable to connect BM8, and plug to Adapter or PC USB port.
C. The red light turnson when you are charging, and fully charged will turn off.
D.The charging time takes about 2 hours.
Package Included:
1 X Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter  
1 X 3.5mm Audio Cable  
1 X USB TO Micro USB Cable 
1 X User Manual