BeFree Sound Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker With Sound Reactive LED Lights, Built-in Rechargable Battery and Hard Mounted Carry Handle

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All new from beFree Sound is this compact, powerful light up speaker. This speaker has built in LED lights that cycle through different colors while the speaker is on. The speaker is also light weight and extremely portable with it's small design and rechargeable battery, allowing you to take this speaker anywhere.

If you need a portable lightweight speaker, this has all that you would need. Built into the speaker is a rechargeable battery, meaning you don't have to keep the speaker plugged in. Instead, just turn it on wherever you are and start playing your music. You can also play your music in a number of ways through your smart device. The portable speakers supports not only wireless Bluetooth connections, but also wired AUX-in, MP3 files from a USB thumb drive, and FM Radio giving you freedom to play music in any form you want and doesn't constrict you to just one, like other speakers.

This portable speaker also has a unique flair that allows it to stand out from other speakers. This Bluetooth speaker also comes with built in LED lights that change colors when the speaker is in use.

LED Party Lights are built into the speaker's sides to illuminate your room with colorful lights that shift tone and pulse in time to the music, lending a club-like atmosphere.

BRIGHT COLOR CHANGING LIGHTS! With dancing lights that change colors to the beat of all your favorite songs, this speaker is perfect for any party! Weather you're entertaining at home, or on the go, this speaker has you covered. You and your guests or family members will love the interchanging light show happening right on your very own portable Bluethooth Party Speaker!
ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: This Speaker is made for easy portability and convenience. You can take along your very own personal soundtrack anywhere you go!
LONGER PLAYBACK: You will get up to 8 hours of continuous play back with a single charge! Your party will never have to stop due to a low battery! No matter where your adventures take you, your speaker can not only follow, but it can also keep up!
ANTI SLIP: The anti-slip rubber feet of this speaker mean that you can feel secure knowing that your music is safely planted exactly where you left it!
Compatible with Most Bluetooth enabled devices. Plays music files from USB drive, SD Card and AUX.

* 1 6"" Speaker
* 2 x's 2"" Tweeter
* Output Power:18w+3w*2
* USB Compatible
* SD Compatible
* AUX Compatible
* Battery Capacity:2500mah*2
* Product Size :L306mm x W220mm x H270mm